Thursday, April 7, 2011

ASLI forms a new partnership with Kinetic CNC

Kinetic CNC is a manufacturer of precision machined components based in Lawnton Queensland. The company has agreed to produce components for ASLI’s Pathfinder rocket program under sponsorship. The first of the prototype components were delivered to ASLI this week, & consist of conformal fin attachment brackets. The brackets are made from a 6000 series aluminium alloy; which allows us to attach the fins to the composite airframe by way of bolts. This allows rapid assembly of the airframe and field replacement of any damaged fins.

Prototype conformal fin attachment bracket produced by Kinetic CNC

Designs are communicated easily to Kinetic through data export from our Alibre Design software provided by NC Computer systems, which allows for high quality rapid prototyping services to our specifications.

“The support of Kinetic CNC has allowed us to make tangible improvements to many components of the Pathfinder rocket; their CNC equipment & experience gives them the ability to manufacture our components to higher tolerance and repeatability than we could achieve by manual machine labour. This has allowed us to realise reductions in component weight which is critical to extending the flight performance of our rockets, whilst also creating opportunities for mass production of precision rocket parts. Kinetic also bring extensive experience & expertise in prototyping and composite mould manufacture, which makes them a great partner for our program”. Jamie Anderson ASLI Program Manager

More on Kinetic CNC

Kinetic CNC is an Australian family owned and operated toolmaking and precision CNC machining company in Brisbane. It traces its roots back to 1994 in South Africa, where it was known as Kinetic Designs. The core motivation of the company is to supply outstanding quality at competitive prices. We are capable of providing a full design and detail package along with CNC manufacturing of components or tooling. Kinetic CNC has produced components and tooling for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, including automotive, military, medical, packaging, electronic, hi-tech sports equipment, mining and aerospace fields.

Kinetic CNC makes a point of working as closely as possible with customers throughout the manufacturing process. This allows their ideas to be coupled with our extensive manufacturing experience, which streamlines the progression from concept to realisation. This is of particular value in prototype development where modifications in design are inevitable to achieve the desired outcome. In these supplier-customer dealings we pride ourselves in maintaining ethical relationships and customer confidentiality.


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