Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pathfinder 1B

Pathfinder 01-B Launch Vehicle
Several key technical improvements have been identified in the first generation rocket design, and so a revision has been designed with the purpose of increasing the reusability of the rocket airframe. The Improved design has been designated Pathfinder 1B and makes more extensive use of composite materials, and greater modularity allowing for in-field replacement of critical components such as the fins.

The Pathfinder rocket provides a unique and completely safe platform for student and academic researchers, seeking a true “hands on experience” of space mission style operations. Being 100% free of any explosive propellants, toxic chemicals, electric matches & other pyrotechnic devices commonly used in rockets. Payload user teams are allowed unprecedented access to the rocket all the way up final propellant loading, and commencement of launch operations. Which are managed by ASLI team members, further insuring risk free participation for student & academic researchers.

Illustration of baseline trajectory using the ASLI H100N hybrid rocket motor.

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